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Ixia IxVeriWave

IxVeriWave™ helps deliver high-quality Wi-Fi networks through a comprehensive test approach. Delivering powerful independent Wi-Fi benchmarking, real-world ecosystems, and functional, soak, and stability testing for WLAN networks. This is done in a controlled, repeatable, automatable, and easily configured environment that provides extensive visibility and debugging of results. Enterprises, carriers, equipment makers, and chipset manufacturers all have testing roles in ensuring world-class delivery and operation. Business benefits of using IxVeriWave include faster time to market for products, superior networks, and proactive problem resolution.

Key Features

◦ Extensive and comprehensive AP testing

◦ Detailed radio frequency (RF) generation and analysis

◦ Breakthrough 4 x 4 MIMO 802.11ac technology

◦ Vital and unique MU-MIMO testing and analysis that includes Beamforming accuracy

◦ BYOD real application and fingerprinted device emulation

◦ Detailed performance metrics to assess the quality of voice, video, unified communications, web, and industry-specific applications

◦ Emulates a blend of real-world application traffic used on today’s networks

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