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Luna Technologies 6415

NEW Multichannel Sensing Platform

The Luna 6415 is the new, fast and simple-to-use analyzer for passive optical components and modules. The Luna 6415 measures and analyzes the Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) distribution, as well as length, measured in either reflection or transmission. With easy-to-use software, automated signal analysis and highspeed scanning, the Luna 6415 is ideal for manufacturing test. Based on Luna’s proven OFDR measurement technology, the Luna 6415 has the performance needed to meet the test and measurement demands of modern photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and silicon photonics.

Fast and Simple Solution for:

  • Spatial RL testing

  • Automated IL test and analysis

  • Skew measurements with sub-picosecond accuracy

Test and Analyze:

  • PLCs, waveguide devices


  • Couplers, switches, beam splitters

  • Passive optical components

Key Features:

  • Test in transmission and reflection

  • High-resolution sampling (20 μm)

  • Spectral analysis of RL, IL

  • Automated reflective event detection and RL/IL calculations

  • High speed (6 Hz) scanning for high-throughput production test

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