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Ixia BreakingPoint

All-in-one applications and network security testing platform

Validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and a complete range of threat vectors.

Ixia's BreakingPoint allows network security testing and application performance testing from a single platform. Maximize your investments in IPS and next-generation firewalls, validate DDoS defenses and ensure a superior end-user quality of experience.

◦ Emulate more than 300 real-world application protocols

◦ Model 37,000 security attacks and malware

◦ Optimize security tools including NGFWs and IPS

◦ Validate service provider networks

◦ Harden networks

Key Features

◦ Simulates more than 300 real-world application protocols
◦ Allows for customization and manipulation of any protocol, including raw data

◦ Generates a mix of protocols at high speed with realistic protocol weight

◦ Supports more than 37,000 attacks and malwares

◦ Delivers all Real-World Traffic™ simultaneously from a single port, including legitimate traffic, DDoS, and malware

◦ Bi-monthly Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) subscription updates ensure you’re are current with the latest applications and threats

◦ Combined with the CloudStorm™ platform, BreakingPoint reaches a staggering performance with a fully-populated chassis—2.4 Tbps / 1.44 billion sessions and 42 million connections per second—to emulate enterprise-wide networks to continent-scale mobile carrier networks

◦ Provides a cyber range environment for hands-on cybersecurity skills development


Next-Gen Firewalls

No organization escapes the reach of hackers — if you’re connected to the Internet, they have a way to enter. The response is the deployment of next-generation firewalls (NGFW), intrusion detection systems (IDS), and whatever future device promises better protection. To ensure minimal impact on network performance and verify the accuracy of complex network security infrastructures, businesses need a robust test solution.
BreakingPoint validates an organization’s security infrastructure, reduces the risk of network degradation by almost 80%, and increases attack readiness by nearly 70%. It’s Real World Traffic™ testing simulates legitimate traffic, distributed denial of service (DDoS), exploits, malware, and fuzzing.

DDOS Protection

Today, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a big risk to any business with an online presence. Organizations need to know if their networks can fend-off the flood of traffic coming from hundreds of thousands of compromised systems while still accepting normal business traffic. Since every update in the network may impact the efficacy of your DDoS mitigation solution, validation must be a continual process.
BreakingPoint simulates both normal application traffic and security threats at scale so you can validate critical data points like number of packets dropped by your DDoS mitigation solution, how your solution functions in a real attack, what level of service you can provide while under attack, and how your people and process react to and withstand an attack.

Data Center Microsegmentation

Data center operators are using a collection of virtual machines or containers to segment the network by meaningful workloads. With workloads classified by the specific functions they serve (like web, application, database, services workloads), organizations can specify security measures relevant to each workload type. But testing the security and performance of these specialized workloads is challenging.
With BreakingPoint VE, you can simulate the characteristics of various workloads and lateral movement of threat vectors, delivering a seamless test function to assess and manage your microsegmentation deployment.

Machine Learning Analytics

Machine learning and big data analytics are the new hope for security teams to defeat cyber criminals. It is critical that these systems have access to meaningful domain-specific data, events, and logs to establish the baseline behavior of a domain, and eventually help in understanding the tool’s ability to detect anomalies that diverge from the baseline behavior.
With real-world traffic® generation, BreakingPoint will help increase the effectiveness of your solution and reduce errors and false positives. It also helps tool vendors create realistic and relevant proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstrations and differentiation for their solutions.

Scada Network Security

With SCADA operating over IP networks, the line between IT and OT has blurred...however, many OT teams are not prepared to handle threats in ICS networks. Organizations are taking notice of the threats to SCADA networks and the possible impacts of breaches. It is also clear that, despite being much farther from the standard network security demarcation zones, SCADA networks continue to be exceptionally vulnerable to cyber attacks.
Validation in the lab with BreakingPoint’s real-world application traffic and security attacks can ensure SCADA networks are resilient and secure. Increasing the attack readiness of both your ICS networks and people will go a long way in increasing the resiliency of the SCADA/ICS systems of today and in the future.

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