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Teledyne Lecroy M648

The Teledyne LeCroy SierraNet™ M648 is a highly advanced, fully integrated Ethernet and Fibre Channel protocol analysis and impairment system. The SierraNet M648 platform provides best in class traffic capture and manipulation for testing application or link characteristics. SierraNet M648 is the latest in the line of industry leading test and measurement tools from Teledyne LeCroy, designed for today’s high-speed storage and communications fabrics. SierraNet M648 supports examination of Ethernet and Fibre Channel links utilizing both Pulse Amplitude Modulation 4 (PAM4) and legacy Non-Return to Zero (NRZ) technologies.

The SierraNet M648 combines the exceptional Teledyne LeCroy expertise for physical layer testing with triggering, analysis and debug functions for a wide range of current and evolving SAN and LAN specific protocols (i.e. NVMe-oF™, FCoE, iSCSI, and TCP/IP). The SierraNet M648 supplies Ethernet and Fibre Channel test and validation engineers 100% complete visibility into all layers of the communication protocols.

The SierraNet M648 will support the PAM4 signaling requirements in Ethernet and Fibre Channel communications, as well as supporting the large-scale installation of legacy NRZ based 10/25GbE and 16/32GFC networks and SANs.

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