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Anritsu - 5G NR Sub-6 GHz Measurement Methods

2019-09-11  |  News

Anritsu - 5G NR Sub-6 GHz Measurement Methods

Fifth generation (5G) mobile communications systems use multiple connections to meet the need for increases in mobile data traffic volumes as well as new functions such as ultra-low-latency. In comparison to 4G, they aim to achieve 100 times higher data capacity as well as 90% lower latency and are expected to play a key role in other fields. such as automobile applications, in addition to mobile phone communications. 5G offers end-to-end high-quality communications meeting the needs of every usage scenario. Such networks do not require adjustments meeting every usage and provide optimum functions and quality for each use case and scenario. Implementing 5G requires use of new radio technology (NR) and higher frequency bands, such as mmWave, in addition to existing frequency bands.

This application note references the 3GPP TS38.104 and TS38.141 Conformance Test specifications, and introduces TRx test measurement examples for wired connections with sub-6 GHz base stations covering FR1 using the Signal Analyzer MS2850A and Vector Signal Generator MG3710A/MG3710E.

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