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PCI Express Gen 5 Ready Platform

2018-07-04  |  News

The World’s First PCI Express 5.0 Ready Protocol Analyzer

Improve System Testing and Speed up Time to Market

Everyone’s ears are buzzing with talk of PCIe 5.0 and what the new 32 GT/s will bring with it – the excitement of course, but also new challenges in test! On June 5, 2018, Teledyne LeCroy announced an exciting new product which supports this next-gen technology, as well as the current PCIe 4.0.

Meet the Summit M5x PCIe Protocol Analyzer/Jammer – delivering the test functionality that all our reliability obsessed engineer friends are looking for. The Summit M5x is capable of modifying, replacing, inserting, or deleting traffic between a PCIe root complex and endpoint, verifying adherence to design specifications and identifying potential errors in protocol behaviour.

A glance at the most impressive features:

  • •Transmission speeds of up to 32 GT/s

  • •Monitoring and analyzing emerging high-speed protocols built on the PCIe specification (ex. Gen-Z and CCIX)

  • •Supports up to x16 link widths for PCIe 4.0

  • •Supports PCIe 5.0 at x8 link widths

  • •Ideal for server-based systems that utilize horizontal insertion thanks to new probing methodology replacing the need for traditional “interposer” type probe

  • •Long protocol recordings? Enjoy the memory buffer - configurable up to 128 GB

  • •Control via USB or remotely through 1000-BaseT Ethernet

  • •Time-align packet traffic, and cross trigger from multiple high-speed serial busses for design, debugging, and validation across bridges thanks to synchronizing with other high-speed protocol analyzers using CrossSync functionality

Whatever Your Application - This is a Complete Suite

The Summit M5x was designed to meet the needs of users across a broad spectrum, so you can go ahead and use its full suite of analyzer functions, capabilities, and views for your wildest applications, including I/O cards (such as storage controllers), Ethernet, Fibre Channel HBAs, etc. Even SSD storage applications will gain from the integrated support for SSD bus protocols such as PCIe, NVMe, SMBus, NVMe-MI, TCG, and more.

Real-World Testing and Debugging

As a user, quickly determine how well your devices and systems are behaving in real-world environments by using the Summit M5x’s CATC Trace View, spreadsheet view, NVMe queue-characterization tables, and LTSSM state views.

Down to the Byte

If you’ll be scheduling a demo to get some hands-on time with the tool, be sure to ask to see the BitTracer in action as it record the bytes right as they traverse the link – allowing for debugging of PHY-layer problems and combining logic-analyzer functions with a decoded protocol-analyzer view.

Storage-Protocol Decoding and NVMe Management Innovations

Expect the latest in storage-protocol decoding, including NVM Express, SATA Express, SCSI Express, and more.

What’s the difference between Teledyne LeCroy’s new protocol analyzer and the others on the market?

Unlike other PCIe analyzers, the Summit M5x fully supports NVMe by simultaneously capturing in-band (PCIe bus) and out-of-band (SMBus) protocol traffic.

Additionally, you’ll find that the newly introduced hardware-extended recording mode means simplified debugging for difficult-to-find SSD anomalies.

Lastly, communication can be decoded to confirm accurate data transmission by utilizing the Trusted Computing Group’s Enterprise and Opal security.

Scroll down to learn more about what to expect from PCIe 5.0, and to request a free demo or consultation from a local Technical Account Manager.

Data Rate Evolution from Gen 1 to Gen 5

See how data rates have changed from 2003 till what we are all waiting for - Gen 5 arriving in 2019.

Meet the Newest PCI Express Protocol Analyzer Platform

Summit M5x

Find errors fast

  • •One button error check

  • •Fast upload speed

  • •Large trace memory

  • •Powerful triggering/filtering

See and understand the traffic

  • •Get useful information

  • •More choices of data views

  • •More ways to analyze data

  • C•ustom decoding and reports

Data capture

  • •100% data capture at 16.0 GT/s

Deep memory buffer

  • •Up to 128 GB depth


PCIe storage protocols supported

  • •NVM Express

  • •NVMe-MI

  • •SATA Express (ATA/AHCI-PCIe)

  • •SCSI Express (SOP-PQI)

Virtualization protocols

  • •SRIOV

  • •MRIOV
  • •ATS

Sideband signaling

  • •SMBus

  • •CLKREQ#

  • •WAKE#

  • •PERST#

Jammer (Real-Time Error Injector)

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