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Teledyne-Lecroy: Compare High Definition Oscilloscopes

2019-02-05  |  News

Compare Teledyne LeCroy High Definition Oscilloscopes

High Definition Oscilloscopes by Teledyne LeCroy with HD Technology have a variety of benefits that allow the user to debug in high definition. Waveforms displayed by High Definition Oscilloscopes are cleaner and crisper. More signal details can be seen and measured; these measurements are made with unmatched precision resulting in better test results and shorter debug time.

HD1024 high definition technology provides 10 bits of vertical resolution with 4 GHz bandwidth by automatically and dynamically determine the best ADC configuration under each specific measurement condition. By utilizing optimized filtering the HD1024 technology can provide additional resolution beyond 10 bits; extending up to 13.8 bits. Learn More

HD4096 high definition technology consists of high sample rate 12-bit ADCs, high signal-to-noise ratio amplifiers and a low-noise system architecture. This technology enables High Definition Oscilloscopes to capture and display signals of up to 8 GHz with high sample rate and 16 times more resolution than other oscilloscopes. Learn More

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Compare Teledyne-Lecroy High-Definition Oscilloscopes we provide at Testforce Compliance and Connectivity

Teledyne LeCroy
HDO4000A HDO6000A HDO8000A HDO9000 WavePro HD
HD Technology HD4096 12 bits HD4096 12 bits HD4096 12 bits HD4096 10 bits HD1024 12 bits
Bandwidth 200 MHz - 1 GHz 350 MHz - 1 GHz 350 MHz - 1 GHz 1 GHz - 4 GHz 2.5 GHz - 8 GHz
Input Channels 4 4 8 4 4
Sample Rate 10 GS/s 10 GS/s 10 GS/s 40 GS/s 20 GS/s
Max. Acquisition Memory 25 Mpts 250 Mpts 250 Mpts 128 Mpts 5 Gpts
Analysis Capability Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced
User Experience MAUI with OneTouch MAUI with OneTouch MAUI with OneTouch MAUI with OneTouch MAUI with OneTouch

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