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Signal Switching


    Coherent Solutions VOAPXIe

    Modular Variable Optical Attenuator. This innovative module enables new mixed-signal testing capabilities for PXI users. Each VOAPXIe module has an in Learn More

  • TrayPXIe

    Coherent Solutions TrayPXIe

    TrayPXIe – Modular Passive Component Storage The TrayPXIe is an accessory tray that stores your fragile passive fiber optic components such as spli Learn More

  • DopplerPXIe

    Coherent Solutions DopplerPXIe

    Modular Photonic Doppler Velocimetry. The DopplerPXIe is a revolutionary new PXIe optical module that enables compact, inexpensive and robust laser-b Learn More

  • O2EPXIe

    Coherent Solutions O2EPXIe

    Modular Optical-to-Electrical Converter. The O2EPXIe is a high bandwidth, broadband OE converter designed for the PXI Platform. Available in a range Learn More

  • SwitchPXIe

    Coherent Solutions SwitchPXIe

    Automate your testing procedure and save time with the SwitchPXIe optical switch designed for the PXI Platform. Add optical switching capability to y Learn More