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SDA 7 Zi-A Serial Data Analyzer Series

Combining signal fidelity with an architecture that maximizes speed in every performance aspect, the SDA 7 Zi-A Series presents a totally new oscilloscope experience from 1.5 to 6 GHz bandwidths. SDA models include standard serial data analysis capabilities for eye analysis and jitter decomposition. Experience 50 O and 1 MO inputs for every channel and four inputs into high-speed front end amplifiers and analog to digital converters. Experience the new X-Stream II architecture that provides 10 to 20 times faster long memory performance than any other oscilloscope. Combined with Teledyne LeCroy's flexible and deep analysis toolbox, the SDA 7 Zi-A Series gives an unforgettable experience for the debugging, validation, analysis and compliance testing of electronic designs.

Key performance specifications

SDA 7 Zi-A models provide additional serial data analysis capabilities, including SDAIII for eye diagram and Tj /Rj / Dj / DDj jitter analysis and decomposition. These items cost extra in WavePro 7 Zi-A models.