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Power Meters and Sensors

  • Anritsu-MA24340A-Microwave CW USB Power Sensor

    Anritsu MA24340A

    10 MHz — 40 GHz, +20 dBm — -70 dBm, CW average power measurements. Learn More

  • Anritsu-MA24507A-Power Master™ Frequency Selectable mmWave Power Analyzer

    Anritsu MA24507A

    Enables simple, numeric, frequency-based measurement of RF power from 9 kHz to 70 GHz, signals as low as –90 dBm, ideal for mmWave testing. Learn More

  • Anritsu-MA24105A-Inline Peak Power Sensor - Front View

    Anritsu MA24105A

    Inline Peak Power Sensor. Designed to take accurate average power measurements over 2mW to 150 W, from 350 MHz to 4GHz. Learn More