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Bench Analyzers

  • MS2830A Series

    Anritsu MS2830A Series

    50 Hz to 6 GHz, Analysis Bandwidth: Standard - 31.25 MHz. 5G NR (sub-6GHz), top-class speed, ±0.3dB (typ.) total level accuracy, modulation analysis. Learn More

  • MS2850A

    Anritsu MS2850A

    Max. analysis bandwidth 1 GHz, 9 kHz to either 32 GHz or 44.5 GHz, 5G/broadcast satellite. Ideal for sub-6 GHz to mmWave bands. Learn More

  • MS2690A

    Anritsu MS2690A

    Swept spectrum analysis, FFT signal analysis, and a precision digitizer. Standard analysis bandwidth of 31.25 MHz that can be extended to 62.5 MHz/125 Learn More

  • Anritsu-MS2840A-Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer- Front

    Anritsu MS2840A

    Upper measurement frequency limit of 44.5 GHz, best of class carrier close-in SSB phase noise Learn More