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Phabrix Qx IP

IP, 3G-SDI + HDR Generation, Analysis & Monitoring

The advanced Qx-IP offers hybrid IP/SDI generation, analysis and video/audio monitoring for SMPTE 2110* and 2022-6 plus 3G/HD-SDI environments. Designed for IP network traffic analysis and stress testing, the solution is also available with RTE™ (Real-Time Eye) 3G/HD-SDI physical layer testing. Qx-IP can be upgraded with a comprehensive HDR/WCG analysis toolset, signal generator and even 12G/6G-SDI performance. An advanced 12G-STRESS option is available for stress testing and evaluation of SDI interfaces up to 12G.

Core Toolset and Specifications

To read more about the Phabrix Qx IP core toolset, as well as specifications, click on the Specifications tab below


The Core Toolset

Physical Layer Toolset

Picture Analyzer
Waveform Analyzer
Video Standard Analyzer
Ancillary Status Analyzer
Network and Automation Analyzer

Vectorscope Analyzer
Audio Meters Analyzer
Data View Analyzer
Video Timing and System Reference Analyzer

IP Toolset

SFP IP Network
SFP Information
IP Receive
SFP A Network Statistics
IP Receive - Inter-packet Timing

IP Receive Statistics
SFP B Network Statistics
IP Transmit
Packet Profile Generator

HDR Toolset

Picture - False Colour Highlight
Analyzer - CIE Chart

HDR Waveform and Generator

Generator Toolset

Video Generation
Audio Generation

Pathological Generation

12G-SDI Stress Toolset

Advanced Generator Tools
PRBS Analyzer

Jitter FFT*
Pathological Detector

Physical Layer Toolset

SDI Eye Analysis

SDI Jitter Analysis


Formats supported (generation, analysis & monitoring)

IP SMPTE 2022-6
IP SMPTE 2110*

3G/HD-SDI (12G/6G-SDI is optional upgrade)

Video inputs / outputs

4 x SDI for HD, 3G, 6G, 12G 75 Ohm terminated BNC Inputs
4 x SDI HD, 3G, 75 Ohm terminated BNC Inputs
4 x SDI for HD, 3G, 6G, 12G 75 Ohm terminated BNC Outputs

4 x SDI HD, 3G, 75 Ohm terminated BNC Outputs
RTE™ Real-Time Eye input (12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI) x 1 (SDI input A) BNC
SFP+ MSA/NON-MSA 12 Gbps copper or fiber SDI, 10G Ethernet

Audio inputs / outputs

4 x 75 Ohm AES selectable I/O (26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket)
1 x Stereo analog audio output (26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket

8 channel 48kHz PCM audio on HDMI and SDI Instrument output

User Interface

HDMI 1.4 instrument output, 1920 x 1080, 4:4:4 RGB, Type A


2 x 75 Ohm BNC high impedance looping reference input, tri-level or B&B with cross lock

Networking & Control

10/100/1000 BASE-T

8 x bi-directional GPI (26 pin high density ‘D’ Type socket)


Internal Beeper

Form factor

253 x 44 x 211 mm (width x height x depth) excluding projections 1.9 kg weight


Power consumption 50W typical, 70W max
4 Pin XLR power connector, 12V nominal (10V-18V)

AC Power adapter (included), 90-264VAC, 120W


1 year standard increased to 3 – 5 years with Extended Warranty package

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