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Teledyne Lecroy T3SP10D/T3SP15D Teledyne Test Tools

Teledyne Test Tools T3SP10D (10 GHz) and T3SP15D (15 GHz) stimulate the DUT with true differential signals. The TDRs offer fast rise times of 50 ps (T3SP10D) and 35 ps (T3SP15D) for fault resolution (in FR4) of 4.2 mm and 3 mm, respectively, at DUT lengths of up to 40 meters and TDR repetition rates of up to 10 MHz and uses the same open short load (OSL) calibration standards as vector network analyzers. Thanks to their small form factors, light weight, and optional internal batteries, the instruments go anywhere in test labs or in the field at a cost-effective price point.

Key Features

  • True Differential TDR up to 15 GHz

  • Small Form Factor and Battery Powered

  • S Parameter – S11 Measurements

  • 35 ps Rise Time (SP15D) 50 ps (SP10D)

  • Up to 50,000 points long memory

  • Pre-Compliance for Emerging Serial Data Standards

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