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Teledyne Lecroy Voyager M4x

The industry's most accurate and trusted USB analyzer platform

Teledyne LeCroy's legendary Voyager analyzer platform provides the industry's most accurate and reliable capture of USB4 and Thunderbolt 3™ protocol for fast debug, analysis and problem solving. Leveraging Teledyne LeCroy's cutting-edge T.A.P.4™ probe technology and industry-leading analysis software, the newest Voyager is the ultimate, all-in-one test solution for USB.

Unmatched Accuracy

The Voyager M4x features the industry's highest fidelity probe design and provides unmatched reliability when testing devices at the full USB4 Gen3x2 (40Gb/s aggregate) speed. Designed to sit inline between host and hub, the M4x will non-intrusively record all USB Type-C signaling including USB4/TBT3 data, side-band and CC (PD) messages. Hot plug any combination of USB4 host and hub and the Voyager system will record the speed negotiation handshake and lock at the specified rate. The Voyager is fully compatible with both active and passive cable environments.

Advanced Triggering

The Voyager provides hardware triggering to pinpoint protocol events of interest. Trigger events can be specified at the lowest levels including bus states and ordered sets (TS1/TS2, De-Skew, CL2_ACK) or header fields including hop ID or packet types (tunneled, control, credit_sync, etc..). Voyager's graphical interface makes setup easy to trigger on CC events including Alt-mode and PD messages, VBUS and CC voltage levels.

Analysis Software

The Voyager utilizes the legendary CATC Trace - the industry's de facto standard display and shows all packets labeled and interleaved in a single view. Traffic from the logical USB4 and side-band channels can be individually filtered, searched or exported from the trace. The Transfer level can be expanded and collapsed to show the logical layer including all ordered sets and control packets. While in line, it will record and display all register reads and writes to provide an unambiguous picture of the router and path configuration space.

Error Detection

The Teledyne LeCroy Voyager can detect and flag real USB4 and PD protocol errors. At the lower layers, training sequences, SCR content and CRC errors are automatically verified and flagged. Configuration Packet Timing is checked along with many of the USB4 logical layer timing requirements.

Find the Issues Fast

The Voyager software provides many mechanisms to measure and report on USB4 & PD protocol. With the Traffic Summary display, users can evaluate statistical reports at a glance or navigate to individual events. Users may select packets or link commands then jump to each occurrence with a single keystroke. Higher-level events are also tracked and reported at the logical USB4 transport layer.

Key Features

  • Capture / Analyze USB4 including PD & SBU traffic: See end-to-end host, hub, and device operation

  • Integrated analyzer / exerciser: Multifunction system with future option allowing USB4 traffic generation

  • USB Type-C & PD analyzer: Capture Type-C and Power Delivery protocol messages and state changes

  • CATC Trace Analysis Software: Expand / Collapse transport layer for faster interpretation of USB traffic

  • T.A.P.4™ probing: Leverages Teledyne LeCroy's proven analog front end architecture to provide the truest picture of power-on link training

  • 32GB Recording Capacity: Capture long recording sessions for analysis and problem solving

  • Detects numerous USB4 Link & Protocol errors: Critical link and timing errors are detected and labeled

  • External Trigger In / Out: Use the Voyager to identify any packet and toggle a scope or logic analyzer (via SMA connectors)

  • Cascade Multiple Analyzers: Synchronize recordings across multiple analyzers including legacy USB 3.x Voyager systems

  • Hardware Triggering: Trigger on USB4 protocol events to isolate important traffic, specific errors or data patterns

  • Gbe or USB 3.0 Upload: Sustained transfer rates of 600Mbps over Gbe provide instant access to captured data

Availability: Stock-2 weeks

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